Connect your in-house data solution with commercial systems, leveraging the power of your existing investment, reduce redundant processes and streamline data management efficiency. Many of the leading commercial applications like SalesForce, QuickBooks, ConstantContact, Google Docs and many others provide their customers the ability to push and pull data from and to their custom in-house systems.

Some Client Connection Projects

FileMaker Connection to QuickBooks

Customer enters charges against their client projects in FileMaker. They wanted to stop having to double-enter those charges when generating invoices against the project into QuickBooks Online. We were able to build into their FileMaker solution the ability to create a new invoice and push the line items directly into QuickBooks.

FileMaker Connection to GMail

Customer uses FileMaker to manage volunteer fire department incidents. When incidents occur, an email is automatically generated by dispatch and send to a GMail mailbox for the district. Rather than local administrators having to create the new FileMaker record themselves for each new incident, we were able to connect to the GMail mailbox in a background process, parse the message body which contains the incident address and description, and generate the new incident record automatically.

Web Application to Amazon

Appliance dealer uses a web application we built to run all aspects of their business, including order management. Most of their orders come from their Amazon storefront. Every 15 minutes, we are able to connect to their Amazon Marketplace account and import all new orders into their solution. We are also pulling in inventory they store at Amazon to fulfill those orders.