Desktop Applications

Our developers have been building desktop applications using the FileMaker Pro platform since the late 90's (talk about retro!). If you haven't heard of FileMaker Pro, it is a database application development platform that allows developers to economically build rich, shareable solutions in a relatively short time frame. The platform itself is produced by FileMaker Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple. Solutions built on the platform can be accessed by both PC's and Mac desktops and mobile devices. Additionally, web applications can be developed that can interact directly with the data in your FileMaker solution.


FileMaker Pro needs to be purchased and installed on any PC or Mac desktop to access your custom solution. FileMaker Go is a free app that allows access to your solution on an Ipad or Iphone device. 


With the introduction of FileMaker Server, the solution can be shared among all members of your team regardless of whether they use a PC or a Mac.


Make your data available directly to your web site. Can also connect to myriad other 3rd party systems, including SalesForce, Google shared systems and many others.

Some of Our Projects

Wholesaler ...

We created a FileMaker Pro application for a wholesaler that runs virtually every part of their operation, from warehouse inventory, order management, PO management, Accounts Receivable and more. Additionally, utilizing FileMaker's web technologies, we created a web interface that customers use to create orders, look up invoices, shipment records and run myriad reports, all using the same data source.

Memorial Retailer ...

For a memorial retailer and servicer, we were able to purchase an off-the-shelf FileMaker solution that incorporated contact and project management. In doing so, we were able to save the customer development costs since we didn't have to recreate that standard functionality, instead focusing resources on "add-ons". Those included connecting the system to QuickBooks to push invoice line items, generation of various spreadsheets, and a module that helps remind them when stages in a project are due.

Firehouse Incident Management ...

We were brought in to continue on with a solution that had already been completed to develop additional functionality. This included a system to export and submit data describing each incident to a national database managed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Additionally, we built a process to automatically create new incident records by pulling in data from each department's GMail account to which dispatch sends e-mail alerts.