Web Applications


The convenience of managing your data from any location, from any desktop or mobile device. Work from the office, from home, from the corner coffee shop using your web browser.


As robust as any traditional desktop application, shared by all of your staff members and even outside contacts like your vendors and customers.


Ability to create connections to other Internet based systems like QuickBooks, SalesForce, Google Docs and other popular systems.


Secured from external threats with firewall and encryption technologies. Secured from the inside by assigning access permissions for each staff member.

Low Overhead

No internal IT investment or application maintenance overhead. Can be economically by us or your web hosting provider.

Case Study: Appliance Dealer

A dealer in New Jersey sells millions of dollars of household appliances every year. While most of their current sales are through the Amazon Marketplace, they are ramping up sales through their own web site, and are constructing a modern showroom to showcase high-end appliances.

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The Problem ...

Since their inception, staff have managed warehouse inventory, purchasing, and sales through myriad printed reports from Amazon and spreadsheets hosted on one of several laptops around their office. Opening a new showroom and expanding operations would be nearly impossible without consolidating their data into a single solution that is simple for staff to navigate and to share between departments.


The Solution ...

Accessing the solution from the office, the warehouse, the new showroom and even their homes, we decided a web based solution was the clear option. Built on industry standard coding and database platforms, the system is hosted with a trusted and secure third-party hosting vendor, eliminating any internal IT overhead. Staff members can login and manage day to day business operations in real-time from any PC or Mac systems, desktop or mobile device.

Inventory ...

Thousands of boxes are stored at numerous physical locations, and keeping track of where pieces are is paramount for both sales and the company's bottom line. Product is stored at the main warehouse, at the new showroom and at Amazon locations. Deliveries to the warehouse and showroom can be scanned directly into the system as they roll off the truck. Drop shipments are also tracked from vendors to Amazon's holding facilities. Each day as a background process, the latest inventory data is transferred from Amazon into the database to refresh inventory levels.

Purchasing ...

The majority of purchasing is done through an appliance coop. When items are added to a purchase order, it returns with real-time availability numbers from the provider. Additionally, several times each day the availability numbers are automatically refreshed as a background process, allowing staff to quickly become appraised of order updates as they become available from the coop. Purchase orders can also be printed and automatically e-mailed to other vendors when applicable.

Order Management ...

Every 15 minutes, new orders are automatically imported into the solution from their Amazon Marketplace account and from the back-end database supporting their e-commerce web site. Fulfillment staff take over from there, creating purchase orders, arranging shipments to the warehouse and outbound shipments to the customer.

Customer Management ...

Customer records are automatically generated from orders placed on Amazon and their web site, when those orders are imported into the system. This process checks for existing customers based on comparing e-mail addresses so that customers are never duplicated in the system. The customer module allows staff to track current and historical orders for each customer and any contact interactions they have had with them. Aside from regular profile information, including billing and shipping addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, the solution automatically imports "review" information left at Amazon and their web site from each customer.

Returns ...

If you are an appliance retailer, returned merchandise is part of your business. The solution tracks returned product that has been shipped from the customer all the way back to the receiving warehouse, where it is properly scanned and inventoried in a special part of the warehouse. From there, staff can manage the shipment return to the vendor from which it was purchased, and credits provided by the vendor.

Security Inside & Out ...

The solution is secured from outside interference as well as inside. Staff permissions provide different levels of access for each member, from no access, ready-only on up to full access.

Reporting ...

Each module has its own reporting. Reports can be downloaded as CSV files or as cleanly formatted PDF's.